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      Custom Clearance Documents, both for import and export declaration, could be created from different positions in the system:
      • On a Purchase Order/Sales Order with the "Foreign Import"/"Export Order" checkbox checked or;

      • On a Receipt/Delivery with the route from Vendor location to the Import - Custom Zone/from Export - Custom Zone to the Foreign Customer Location or;

      • Go to Foreign Trade App, navigate to Customs clearance document menu and click "Create"

      In this document, we start at the Customs Clearance Document menu in Foreign Trade App. You can also find here all the clearance documents that have been from different positions in the system.

      Create import custom clearance request

      Step 1
      : Access the “Foreign Trade” App, navigate to the “Custom Clearance Document” menu, select “Import Custom Clearance Request and click "Create"

      Step 2: Fill in the compulsory fields in the import customs clearance request form, which are denoted in the color light purple, including:

      • Purchase order: select the purchase order that has been created for that batch of goods

      • Stock picking: select the receipt that has been created for that batch of goods. When selecting stock picking, you may experience the Product Costing Method Warning because the selected transfer does not contain any move that could be used in the Customs Declaration. Please make sure that the stock picking contains only the products configured in automated valuation with FIFO costing method.    

      • Currency rate: the rate your company applied when computing taxes

      • Custom clearance journal: choose the “Import/export tax journal”, you can see the guideline to configure an import/export tax journal here

      • Custom authority: select or create a Custom Authority partner

      Fill in other fields if necessary and Save the reqest.

      Step 3: Scroll down to see the “Total taxable value” and the “Compute tax lines” button. Click “Compute tax lines” to see the tax amount of your order.

      Step 4: Click “Save” to save the changes you have made. Then click “Open” to move the status of the request form from “Draft” to “Waiting for confirmation by custom”. 

      Create export custom clearance request

      Step 1
      : Access “Foreign Trade” >> Select “Custom Clearance Document” menu >> “Export Custom Clearance Request” >> “Create”

      The export customs clearance request form will show up as picture below. From step 2 onwards, refer to the guideline on how to create the import customs clearance request for more details.