Jennie Pham Foreign Trade Published: 5/28/21 Hits: 1,946

This section is based on the assumption that you have already installed these modules “Inventory”, “Purchase”, “Invoicing”/“Accounting”.

The import/export taxes configured on the product form will be automatically filled in the Customs Clearance Document of that product. To start, open a product form, navigate to the Accounting menu and follow the instructions below:

Apply import taxes

In the Importing Taxes field, choose the Import taxes that have been configured following Configure import/export taxes. Odoo/ERPOnline allowed you to select more than one Importing tax for each product.

Apply export taxes

Similarly, in the Exporting Taxes field, choose the Export taxes that have been configured following Configure import/export taxes.

The import/export taxes are automatically shown on the Customs clearance documents as follows:

Note: The importing taxes in this example are just for reference only, the tax rate may change accordingly to your country’s regulation and the nature of the products.