Consulting, orienting the implementation, training using Viindoo EOS Software to manage your Business.

After years of implementing many ERP software projects of all sizes, with a team of experienced Consultants & Technicians, Viindoo has provided the Consulting & Deploying Viindoo EOS service to all companies, including consulting & orienting the implementation, training using ERPOnline to manage businesses.    

 Consulting service: Viindoo researches and examines the actual condition of the company. Therefore, we could make detailed reports and analyses and develop an ERP deploying plan that is compatible with each unique company.

 Deploying service: Planning the master data for companies, assisting companies in applying their workflow into the software.

Consulting orienting

Why need us?

 You want to deploy an integrated Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) software for your Business.

 You want a well-oriented plan to save time spent on researching and deploying the software solution.

 You are willing to invest in modern technologies to create competitive advantages, improve the managing quality and aim towards lasting development.

 You want a team of Management and Technology experts to accompany you on the path of digital transformation, reduce risks, and have outstanding growth compared to other competitors in the market.

What you gain from using Viindoo’s services

 The assistance of software deployment with guidance from a team of Experienced and Professional Experts.

 A short implementation roadmap ensures success when using our software.

 The solutions to improve & optimize the business management process according to the most modern corporate governance theories.

 The support for departments within the Enterprise to be able to use the software proficiently and create more added value.

Implementation Consulting Process

Prepare & Survey

Analyse & Design

Master Data & Implementation

Go-live system

Operation & Monitoring

Finish the Project

Scope of Consulting & Deployment


(25 hours)


(50 hours)


( 100 hours)


(200 hours)
Simple Application (Warehouse, Manufacturing & Accounting apps not included)
Advanced Applications (including Warehouse, Manufacturing & Accounting)
Advanced Applications (including Warehouse, Manufacturing & Accounting)
Advanced Applications (including Warehouse, Manufacturing & Accounting)
Additional Supports

Project analysis

Project management

Email & Phone support

Features training


On-site consultation *

Data entry support **

Application Customization ***

Custom templates: Print form, quotation, purchase order, warehouse receipt/export

Simple customization on the non-code interface

Edit templates with code

Extra customization

Expiry date ****
1 year
1 year
1 year
1 year
Existing Customer
975 USD
1.750 USD
3.100 USD
5.400 USD
New Customers (15% Discount) *****
829 USD
1.488 USD
2.635 USD
4.590 USD

* Including travel time. Travel expenses of specialists will be charged separately, not included in the price of the Service Plan

** Import data from other software into ERPOnline

*** Including the analyzing time before customization

**** The expiry date is calculated from the date that the service plan is purchased

***** Discount is automatically applied to the first service plan of new customers. If the actual using hours exceed the expected plan, an additional service fee of VND 900,000 / hour will be charged.

Need a “tailored” Consulting & Deployment plan?

Contact us now!


Why is the Consulting & Deployment process taking so long?

Viindoo needs to analyze the actual situation of the Company carefully before giving any options. This ensures that Viindoo can successfully deploy a suitable plan that addresses the needs of the Enterprise.

Can I import or synchronize data from other software into Viindoo EOS?

Entirely POSSIBLE. Customers can request Viindoo to import data from other software into ERPOnline or request to develop the integrating module for the third-party application if this feature is not already available in ERPOnline.