Data Safety & Security Commitment

On, we acknowledge that ensuring data safety and integrity as well as confidentiality of information stored by your Business in the ERP & CRM system that we provide is extremely important to your Business as well as the survival of Therefore, we always put the safety, integrity and security of your data first and ensure it by all means and all costs. On, we protect these information with various means of protection in order to ensure the highest level of safety, integrity and confidentiality of your data:

  1. Cloud computing technology with database servers operated in replication mode to avoid data loss in case of hardware failure
  2. Physical protection: Lock the server area; control access to the area in which your data storage server is located, etc.
  3. Electronic Protection: Using firewalls, encrypting data. For service packages from Super Small Biz and above, we encrypt data on the Internet connection using Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) with 256 bit encryption key. 
  4. Security Process and Management System Protection: Apply data access rules to each operator to ensure the highest security of the information you provide.