Website Building & e-Commerce Solution

Solution overview

ERPOnline offers a total cloud-based solution to help you build and publish your website and online store without any effort and technical skill. You can just start with a simple website with one-click deployment and activate other features such as online store, blogging system, forums, etc on demand. With drag & drop, you get rid off the old WYSIWYG to edit and design your content inline without knowledge about HTML, CSS and Javascript.

The major advantage of the solution is to provide you the native and integrated to your management software. When using ERPOnline, you get a single solution to cover all your needs. It's not interfaced, It's native and integrated!

Major features

Website Builder & CMS

Edit Anything Inline; Powerful CMS; Astonishingly Beautiful; Full integration with Business Management Software; Mobile Responsive; Multilingual; Professional Themes
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Create Awesome Product Pages, built-in cross-selling feature, Built-in Invoicing & Accounting; Clean Google Analytics Integration; Integrated Inventory Management, Manage a reseller network to target new markets, A Clean Checkout Process
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An integrated powerful blogging platform for businesses to express yourself, write beautiful blog posts, engage with visitors, translate content and moderate social media platforms. All those kinds of daily blog, company news, promotion articles, etc are powered by the blogging platform.
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Forums & Community Builder

Build Forum, Questions and Answers, FAQ with no effort, no special software.

Online Events

sell tickets online, schedule talks, promote events with awesome pages; Professional design in a simple and easy way; Automate the registration and payment process; Control your sales funnel with Google Analytics; Mass mailing & social media; ; SEO tools at your fingertips.
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Jobs & Recruitment

Publish jobs online from your recruitment software with one click. Create job pages with professional design using website builder tool to attract the best applicants.
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Associations: Members

Publish Associations, Groups and Memberships and sell memberships online
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Public Projects

Public your projects on the website to build customer trust. Project portal allows your clients to follow their projects and to communicate with your project team in a better and more effective way.

Live Chat

Live chat integration to allow better communication with your potential customers without any effort and special software

Sales Management Integration

Seamlessly integrates your online shop with the sales management software to allow online quote, online order confirmation. Integrated the most trusted payment gateways (e.g. PayPal) to process online payment from your customers.
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Warehouse Integration

Consolidate all your sales channels in real time: stores, ecommerce, sales teams. Get real time control of the inventory and accurate forecasts to manage procurement.
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Multiple Payment Gateways

Allows processing customer payment via multiple payment service providers. Currently built in with support for PayPal, Ogone, Adyen, Buckaroo. Extension to other payment gateway support can be made easy on demand.