Customer Relationship Management Solution

Solution overview

Customer Relationship Management Solution is designed by integrating several Odoo apps and modules to offer companies a better approach to managing interactions with current and future customers. With this solutions, you can manage sales channels, build customer profiles, segment customers with criteria. It also provides an effective way to organize and store your phone calls, meetings, next actions, etc. In addition, the solution comes with a rich report and analysis system to help you get insight of your customers, find potential customers and make smart decisions quickly. The solution also saves your time and helps you communicate with your customers in an innovative way using an integrated enterprise social network and email system.

Integrated Apps & Modules

Core CRM

Manage your sales funnel with no effort. Attract leads, follow-up on phone calls and meetings. Analyse the quality of your leads to make informed decisions and save time by integrating emails from all your contacts directly into the application.
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Mass Mailing Campaign

Build Mailling lists and send mass emails to customers in a predefined list. Analysing times an email is opened, replied. Linking email to other documents (e.g. sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, partners, etc to give you a clearer picture about your sales and customers).
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Customer Profiling

This uses the profiles criteria from the earlier segmentation module and improve it. Thanks to the new concept of questionnaire. You can now regroup questions into a questionnaire and directly use it on a partner.
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Build Surveys

Make online survey forms with neat and professional design; Share marketing surveys without delays; Centralize your data and make it more valuable.
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Claims Management

Manage and Track your customers/suppliers claims and grievances; fully integrated with the email gateway so that you can create automatically new claims based on incoming emails.
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Like records and processing of claims, Helpdesk and Support are good tools to trace your interventions. Select a customer, add notes and categorize your interventions with a channel and a priority level
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