Partner Assignation & Geolocation

This modules lets you geolocate Leads, Opportunities and Partners based on their address.

Payment Follow-up Management

Module to automate letters for unpaid invoices, with multi-level recalls.

Portal Sale

If online payment acquirers are configured, portal users will also be given the opportunity to pay online on their Sale Orders and Invoices that are not paid yet. Paypal is included by default, you simply need to configure a Paypal account in the Accounting/Invoicing settings.

VAT Number Validation

After installing this module, values entered in the VAT field of Partners will be validated for all supported countries.

Accounting & Financial Management

Elegant and full featured, our accounting software is for businesses of any size. Odoo Accounting offers a better way for your accounting team to work with customers and suppliers.

Accounting Consistency Tests

With this module you can manually check consistencies and inconsistencies of accounting module from menu Reporting/Accounting/Accounting Tests.

Adyen Payment Acquirer

Adyen Payment Acquirer

Applicant Resumes and Letters

This module allows you to search job applications by content of resumes and letters.

Authentication via LDAP

This module allows users to login with their LDAP username and password, and will automatically create Odoo ERPOnline users for them on the fly.

Email Gateway

Enter the parameters of your POP/IMAP account(s), and any incoming emails on these accounts will be automatically downloaded into your Odoo ERPOnline system.