Membership Management

This module allows you to manage all operations for managing memberships.

Time Tracking

Each employee can encode and track their time spent on the different projects. A project is an analytic account and the time spent on a project generates costs on the analytic account.

Ogone Payment Acquirer

Ogone Payment Acquirer

Transfer Payment Acquirer

Transfer Payment Acquirer


Odoo's app "Discuss" allows you to create internal groups/mailing lists on various topics for any department of your company. It's a simple and easy way to send any kind of company internal mail.

Events Sales

This module allows you to automate and connect your registration creation with your main sale flow and therefore, to enable the invoicing feature of registrations.

Invoice Picking Directly

When you send or deliver goods, this module automatically launch the invoicing wizard if the delivery is to be invoiced.

Just In Time Scheduling with Stock

If you install this module, it can make sure that not only the ship of pick-pack-ship will be created in batch, but the pick and the pack also. (which will dramatically improve performance)

Multiple Analytic Plans

This module allows to use several analytic plans according to the general journal.

Document Management System

This is a complete document management system.