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Elegant and full featured, our accounting software is for businesses of any size. Odoo Accounting offers a better way for your accounting team to work with customers and suppliers.

Activate features on demand; from integrated analytic accounting to budget, assets and multiple companies consolidation.


Smart User Interface


Record transactions in a few clicks and easily manage all financial activities in one place. Odoo's user interface is designed with productivity in mind.

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Better Way To Work Together


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Share access to your latest business numbers with your team and your accountants - so everyone is up to date with all new information and changes.
From work, home or on the go.


Connect Your Bank Accounts


Import your bank statements and reconcile them in just a few clicks. Prepare payment orders based on your supplier invoices and payment terms.

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Get Paid Faster

Electronic invoicing and automated follow-ups


billing online payment

Create and send professional invoices and receive payments online. No need to send reminders to your debtors - simply set-up and automate follow-ups to get paid more quickly.


Sales Integration


Automatically create invoices from sales orders, delivery orders or base them on time and material. Invoice expenses on projects to your customer in just a few clicks.

accounting sales integration


Purchase Integration


accounting purchase integration

Control supplier invoices based on purchase orders. Get real-time inventory valuation reports automatically posted in your accounts.


Multi-Level Analytic Accounting


Integrate your analytic accounting operations with timesheets, projects, invoices, expenses, etc. No need to record transactions, all analytic entries are posted automatically following your business rules.

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Everything You Need to Grow


account erverything you need

Manage your assets, track expenses, control budgets, multi-level analytic accounting; Odoo has all the features you need to keep your business running smoothly.


Scale With Your Organization

Used by very small to very large organizations


Odoo supports multiple currencies, multiple users with different access rights, multiple companies with real-time consolidation and unlimited analytic plans.

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Dashboard & KPIs


accounting analytic

Get direct access to key information with dynamic and customizable dashboards. Analyse your financial activities with the drill-up, drill-down, drill-across and filter features.