Ready, Set, Go!


Ready, Set, Go!

The Gamification app of Odoo offers you simple and creative ways to motivate and evaluate your employees in the workplace.

By definition, this app gives you tools to challenge employees to reach specific targets.
Goals are assigned through challenges to evaluate and compare team members with each other and through time.

You can create a template from various examples and choose any form for the challenge, based on your company's needs - such as number of new leads, time to qualify a lead or the total amount invoiced in a specific week, month or any other time frame based on your management preferences.



Challenge Your Employees Effectively


gamification challenge
Odoo's software gives you a powerful new model for the motivation of your employees. You can create various challenges, set goals and targets that you want to achieve.
Use the dashboards to see the status of each challenge and the progress of each employee - this sample view can show you the answers to all your questions about the challenges.

Employee Motivation And Effective Information System


Motivate your employees and get better results. This exciting feature allows you to motivate your employees in a simple and creative way that leads to raised performance in business.

No need for complicated motivational techniques or other ideas. Such system of "games" gives your employees extra boost to work harder on reaching their goals.

gamification lead

Employee Motivation Reward System

gamification reward

Employees can be evaluated and rewarded for reaching their targets and goals.

For non-numerical achievements, you can grant them various badges. From a simple "thank you" to an exceptional achievement, a badge is an easy way to express gratitude to employees for their good work.