Multiple Analytic Plans

This module allows to use several analytic plans according to the general journal.

Here multiple analytic lines are created when the invoice or the entries are confirmed.

For example, you can define the following analytic structure:

  • Projects
    • Project 1
      • SubProj 1.1
      • SubProj 1.2
    • Project 2
  • Salesman
    • Eric
    • Fabien

Here, we have two plans: Projects and Salesman. An invoice line must be able to write analytic entries in the 2 plans: SubProj 1.1 and Fabien. The amount can also be split.

The following example is for an invoice that touches the two subprojects and assigned to one salesman:

  • Plan1
    • SubProject 1.1: 50%
    • SubProject 1.2: 50%
  • Plan2
    • Eric: 100%

So when this line of invoice will be confirmed, it will generate 3 analytic lines,for one account entry.

The analytic plan validates the minimum and maximum percentage at the time of creation of distribution models.