Email Templates

Email Templating (simplified version of the original Power Email by Openlabs).

Lets you design complete email templates related to any Odoo ERPOnline document (Sale Orders, Invoices and so on), including sender, recipient, subject, body (HTML and Text). You may also automatically attach files to your templates, or print and attach a report.

For advanced use, the templates may include dynamic attributes of the document they are related to. For example, you may use the name of a Partner's country when writing to them, also providing a safe default in case the attribute is not defined. Each template contains a built-in assistant to help with the inclusion of these dynamic values.

If you enable the option, a composition assistant will also appear in the sidebar of the Odoo ERPOnline documents to which the template applies (e.g. Invoices). This serves as a quick way to send a new email based on the template, after reviewing and adapting the contents, if needed. This composition assistant will also turn into a mass mailing system when called for multiple documents at once.

These email templates are also at the heart of the marketing campaign system (see the marketing_campaign application), if you need to automate larger campaigns on any Odoo ERPOnline document.

Technical note: only the templating system of the original Power Email by Openlabs was kept.