Warehouse Management Solution

Solution overview

A revolutionary double entry inventory system (nothing is lost, things are just moved) that helps you keep track of everything that goes in/out your warehouse. By allowing native integration with other apps (e.g. Sales Management, Purchase Management, Manufacturing Resource Planning), ERPOnline offer to a total solution for your warehouse and inventory control across all the operations within your organization.

Integrated Apps & Modules

Warehouse Magement

A revolutionary double entry inventory system that decreases your process times, automates transactions, reduces your stock levels and gets complete traceability on all operations.
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Accounting Integration

Allows to automatically generate entries on stock move; provide real time stock valuation, etc
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Purchase Management Integration

Creates incoming shipments on purchase orders confirmed; tracking suppliers' performance;
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Sales Management Integration

Creates delivery orders based on sales orders.
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Manufacturing Integration

Creates Request for stock moves according to manufacturing orders.
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Analytic Accounting Integration

Provides real-time analytic reports.
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