Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP) Solution

Solution overview

The solution is built by integrating Odoo related functional apps and modules to offer companies a total solution to manufacturing resource planning and management. With the solution, companies can manage bill of materials, plan manufacturing orders, schedule and track work orders, define flexible Master Data, check resource capacities and fix bottlenecks, etc.

Integrated Apps and Modules

Manufacturing Management

The core application acting as the heart of the solution which includes, but not limited to, BoM building and management, manufacturing orders planning, work orders scheduling adn tracking, master data definitions.
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Repairs Management

Add/remove products in the reparation, Impact for stocks, invoicing (products and/or services), Warranty concept, Repair quotation report, Notes for the technician and for the final customer
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Warehouse Integration

Creates stock moves automatically, tracks stock moves for raw materials, moves finished products to warehouse.
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Sales Management Integration

Allows to generate production orders based on sales orders. Helps you keep track of such production orders generated from sales order by adding sales name and sales Reference on production order.
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Procurement Integration

Allows to create purchase requests from raw materials automatically; track procument orders.
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Analytic Accounting Integration

Allows real time analytic reports. Calculates manufacturing cost base on BoM and manufacturing orders
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