Human Resource Management Solution (HRM)

Solution overview

The solution is built by integrating Odoo related functional apps and modules to offer companies a total solution to manage and plan the most importance resource - people. The software solution is designed to help you to manage your employees and future employees every day. The tools have been created to fit the needs of big corporations as for small businesses. Contrary to other ordinary human resources applications, the solution provides information from all other apps to evaluate and manage your employees. The fact that you use only one single software make you stop wasting time on import/export between various tools. It provides flexibility and control over the whole HR process from recruitment to final evaluation. Rather than expensive outsourcing, carry out affordable, fair and smart management of your staff within your own company.

The key features of the solution:

  • A Kanban view so you get an overview of all current processes at the glimpse of an eye.

  • Customizable pipeline for each applicant following your specific criteria. Organise your job applications internally and define your process and interviews.

  • Centralization of all information from hiring to end evaluation. Save each documents and find them in a few clicks when you need.

  • Synchronization and merging of mailbox with the system. No need for third party software. Keep all mails, files, profiles in the same database.

  • Fair tools to evaluate and appraise your employees.

Apps and modules in the bundle

Employees Management

Offers you various ways to oversee all important information in your company's address book. Some information are restricted to HR managers, others are public for all employees to easily find their colleagues.
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Timesheet and attendance

This application supplies a new screen enabling you to manage both attendances (Sign in/Sign out) and your work encoding (timesheet) by period.
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Evaluation and appraisals

Set up periodical employees' evaluation, build the right appraisal, easily design your own survey, test your surveys before sending them out, set up evaluations plans, right place at the right time
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Expenses Management

Manage business expenses online, managers' monitoring, multiple users management, integrated with timesheet app, etc.
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Fleet management

Company fleet / vehicle management, contracts and administrative Follow-up, track your company cars,  fleet services management, analysis and reporting, costs management.
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Payroll System

With the built-in generic payroll system that is ready to integrate with country specific payroll system and payroll accounting, you can build multiple employee salary structures, get thousand pay slips generated either manually or automatically

Recruitment Process

Manage your hiring processes, post your jobs on the best job boards (e.g. LinkedIn, Careerbuilder, etc), customize your recruitment process by defining your own stages and interviewers, integrated surveys
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Gamification Integration

Brings game thinking and game mechanics from the game industry into your business to engage employees in solving problems and increase employees' contributions. This offers you simple and creative ways to motivate and evaluate your employees in the workplace. By definition, this app gives you tools to challenge employees to reach specific targets.
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Enterprise Social Network

In addition to its synchronization with CRM and website, the solution provides internal social network and incentives tools to increase your productivity. Your staff can easily collaborate through chats, projects and files. You can also set up customized gamification to boost business performance.
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