Odoo Upgrade Service

Support seamless, professional and agile Odoo upgrade. Shorten implementation time, save resources for businesses.

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Which businesses should use Odoo Upgrade Service?

Odoo data migration and upgrade service are suitable for businesses using Odoo of lower versions, wishing to upgrade Odoo 12 to 13, upgrade Odoo 13 to 14 and upgrade Odoo 14 to 15, etc.

Why Odoo upgrade?

Experience new features

  • Enhance your entire system with faster, more reliable Odoo upgrade versions. 
  • Enjoy more features of integrating with other software and applications.

Optimize time, and resources

  • Simplify processes, and increase the processing speed of the system. 
  • Shorten users’ operation time to focus on other work.

Enhance operations efficiency

  • Simplify terminologies in the software, eliminating occurred errors. 
  • Improve user experience to increase operation efficiency & business activities.
Odoo upgrade - ERPOnline

Comprehensive Odoo upgrade of ERPOnline

Odoo upgrade of ERPOnline

Standard Upgrade Service

  • Standard Odoo Upgrade Service is for businesses using standard Odoo modules, without modules released by 3rd parties.
  • Services include upgrading all enterprise system modules and migrating data from the old version to the new version.

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Odoo upgrade of ERPOnline

Customized Upgrade Service

  • Customizable Odoo upgrade service for businesses using additional features or applications developed by 3rd parties.
  • Support surveying all customization features to research, select and upgrade to best suit business needs.

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Odoo Migration Process


Analyze the quantity and status of all in-use modules, calculate the amount of Odoo database migration

Module Upgrade 

Update source code and features for Odoo upgrade service from 12 to 13, upgrade Odoo 13 to 14, upgrade Odoo from 14 to 15, etc.

Data Migration

Fully migrate the existing Odoo database to the new version system


Check all upgraded modules and 
databases with a 3-stage testing process

Completion & Handover

Complete and handover system upgrade 
for Odoo migration partner

Why choose Odoo migration services of ERPOnline?

Years of experience in Odoo migration

ERPOnline has more than 10 years of experience with typical projects in upgrading Odoo software. 

Well-trained technical team

Our well-trained, experienced team can implement all Odoo upgrades within 6 months from the latest version

Careful survey before upgrading

We study your business operation, business model, and working culture carefully before Odoo migration to improve the probability of project success.

Rigorous testing process

The Odoo upgrade service’s testing process has 3 stages: testing by runbot, testing by our team of quality management and testing directly by the clients to minimize errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Odoo upgrade deployment time will depend on the number of installed modules and the amount of data of the business.

In case of errors from the original data in the business’s system in the old version of Odoo, ERPOnline will handle it in two ways: 

  • If the error is detected during our internal testing (with runbot or a team of expert testers of ERPOnline): Customers will be informed to self-correct data from their original system. 
  • If an error arises after Odoo database migration: ERPOnline's consulting team will guide customers to fix errors right on the new version software system, or the technical team will intervene by technical means.

For module failure occurring after the Odoo upgrade, ERPOnline technical team will be responsible for the correction.

You are committed to data privacy and security during the Odoo upgrade and Odoo data migration. For details, refer to the Privacy and Data Security Commitment.

Is it possible to upgrade Odoo Community to the Enterprise edition?

For the Odoo Enterprise version upgrade service, please contact us for further information.

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