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Form view shown in the UI different from the one in database

Pol Ancochea

We have an implementation on sales.order that worked correctly until last week. Suddenly, some of the custom fields disappeared. If I check the FormView in debug, it shows the correct xml, but the UI is wrong.


    - Recovered a Monday backup, the UI is OK (lets call it "working" DB). - Check modules: Although there where some differences, installing and/or removing them didn't change anything. Module Drop shipping was in the "fault" DB and not in the "working" and Sale_service module was in the "working" DB but not in the "fault" one. Once this differences were solved, the problem persists and the same modules are installed in both DB. - A diff between FormViews confirmed that they are exactly the same. Even select arch from ir_ui_view where id = 566; returns the same content in both DBs. - Checked all possible configuration issues (menu, views…) everything is the same.

There is a symptom which I can't relate to the problem. Although module Product & pricelist Module is installed. The menu Sales/Configuration/pricelist is not shown in the "faulty" database.

Changes prior to the error
The only change done on the database was activating the Manage multiple locations and warehouses and Manage advanced routes for your warehouse options to create a Quotation from a Sale order. As far as I know no other changes were applied (there's another user with admin rights, but he claims that no change was done).

A solution could be restoring the backup, but that will only cover the issue that could raise at any moment if I don't find it's source. And users would loose their job from monday.
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Pol Ancochea
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Solved. For the record: The problem was in the settings for the sales module, someone changed some options ("Use pricelists to adapt your price per customers", "Allow a different address for delivery and invoicing","Product properties on order lines"). From now on, we've set the module audit to know who changes settings.


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